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Quotes inspire most of my articles.

Every once in a while a picture will capture my interest. This one of a Lotus floating on water inspired me today. When I look at it, I see the flower floating on the calmness of an undisturbed pool of water. It is a vision of serenity.

I ask myself, how could life be like that? Calm, immune to the chaos surrounding us. Just floating along without a care in the world. I think this level of serenity comes from a place of detachment. Detachment is the opposite of attachment.

Attachment causes all kinds of problems. It causes us to argue with our loved ones when we are attached to a set of ideas and unwilling to listen to another side. “We’ll have none of that”, you say. You’re wrong and I’m right.

Attachment causes us to feel a sense of loss when we lose something we value (attached to). Think about the people that have taken their own life when they lose their finances.

Attachment causes us great pain when a loved one passes and even more pain when we realize that we will pass too.

Attachment is a hard one to get rid of. All of us are attached to something, whether we think we are or not. When you feel loss, you can bet that your attachment to that thing you lost is what is causing your suffering.

What if you could live a life of detachment? How would that look? It would be a life of service. You give all you have because you are unafraid of losing anything. It would be a life of charity. You would do all you could for someone without care for a reward or anything in return. When you are detached, you have all you need, because you don’t desire anything. You simply live in the moment, appreciative for the blessings you have received. If tomorrow brings loss, it rolls off of you, because there is no loss when you are unattached to things in your life.

Life is a series of changes. You gain friends and lose them. You get pets and you lose them. You have a job today and lose it tomorrow. You have your health today and it’s gone tomorrow. Everything in life changes. When you are attached to these things they are painful to lose. When you are unattached to these things, you wake up and say thanks for what you do have. Simple right? Not so much.

Whenever I am feeling down, sad, or upset, I look for the attachment in my life. It is normally the culprit behind my discomfort. Sometimes it is hard to let things go, but let them go you must, now or later.

Think about it. When you die, what are you taking with you? Exactly. Nothing but the love you carry in your heart. That’s all you take. All the toys, glittery bobbles, clothes, friends, family, pets, homes, jobs—everything.

Whenever I remember that all I’ll take is the love in my heart, I lose a little of my attachment. I keep this thought in my mind always. When you pass away, you will take none of the things you have right now but the love in your heart. Enjoy your toys, your friends, your loved ones while they’re here. Rejoice in the creature comforts you have right now. They are all blessings. Just remember, when they go away, thank God for the privilege of having them while you did and move on. You’ll enjoy life so much better when you preserve and build what you will take with you–the love in your heart.

Until next time…