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It’s a holiday week, but no matter. I’ve perfected a home workout routine that helps me hit my daily cardio goals and my strength training goals, so no break in the workout routine. I’ll be taking the day off on my other things on Wed and Thursday for Thanksgiving, but the rest of the week will be usual work days.

Here’s my routine for the week:

Mon – Saturday

Cardio 20 minutes (elliptical 1, elliptical 2, treadmill, bicycle, or stair stepper)

Full body weight machine circuit (legs, abs, lower back, obliques, back, chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and calves)

I’ll be using a new routine based on a book I just read called Elastic Habits. Whatever routine I use, will be dependent on energy levels, etc.

  • basic routine 1 round of the circuit above | Home workout – same except using exercise bands
  • plus routine 3 rounds of the circuit above | Same
  • elite routine 5 rounds of the circuit above | Same

On Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll be doing home workouts with my exercise bands and do my HIIT training doing either Tabata training or stair stepping to get the heart pumping.

See you at the finish line!