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This week’s challenge provided by the 5-minute Journal:

Take a cold shower. As cold as you can take it. For as long as you can.

This will be a tough one.

Alternate challenge:

Read something that is totally opposite of your belief system to open your mind. If you are liberal, read something conservative. If you are conservative, read something liberal.


Conservative reading: article on Rush Limbaugh’s site or the Daily Wire. Liberal reading: read an article on the NY Post, Washington Post, LA times, or CNN.

I try to read as broadly as I can. You’ll know when you’ve hit your boundary, you’ll be triggered. I believe we need to stop fighting from extreme positions and meet in the middle. There is no perfect ideology, no perfect political affiliation, no perfect opinion. They are just opinions. Each opinion is worth listening to or reading about to arrive at a truly informed position.

Post in the comments when you accomplish one of these. I look forward to your responses.

Until next time…