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I recently began a habit of getting out of the house away from my writing and other work to walk, go to the gym, get lunch somewhere, or run an errand. The purpose behind these excursions is to interact with people. We meet people all day. We meet with folks running a cash register. We meet people that are in the same place we are shopping or eating or getting their cup of coffee.

I smile at people or strike up a simple conversation about what they are eating or what they have in their cart. Simple conversations, but nice to smile and interact. I enjoy these little outings. It brings some variety to my day and allows me to serve others.

When I am out, I pay attention to things, like the hue of the store. I pay attention to the people that are walking about. I pay attention to the smells and sounds. When you really pay attention to what you are doing and where you are, the experience is dramatically different from walking through a store unconsciously merely to get our product and walk back out.



I started a regimen this week of walking after I eat a meal. I walk for about 10 minutes just to settle the stomach and think. Today, I saw the most beautiful colors in the trees. Two kids went by. One riding a bike; the other on a skateboard. I remembered when I was a kid in this neighborhood, playing hockey, baseball, hide and seek, all of it. There is something magical about growing up in a neighborhood like mine, particularly when the leaves start to turn.

Pay attention to the little things. The colors, sounds, smells, and textures. It makes a huge difference in all you do. I wish you a terrific Saturday.

Until next time…