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“If you have someone in your life that you are grateful for – someone to whom you want to write another heartfelt, slanted, misspelled thank you note – do it. Tell them they made you feel loved and supported. That they made you feel like you belonged somewhere and that you were not a freak. Tell them all of that. Tell them today.”

Lisa Jakub

All of us owe a great deal to our teachers, mentors, parents, siblings, friends, and any number of other people who have helped us in one way or another. Today’s posting is about thanking people with a short thank-you note or letter. It is a great way to build relationships, express your gratitude to a fellow human being, and it makes you feel good too!

One of the practices I tried to keep during my years in recruiting was writing a thank-you note. I have taken this practice to my everyday life as well. Have you ever been served well at a restaurant or place of business? Obviously, you’ll say Thank you when you are served and you’ll leave a tip, but why not write a special thank-you note for a server that took extra care to make sure your meal was extra special?

What about a job interview? As a recruiter with more than 20 years of experience, I’ll tell you that a thank-you note can sway a hiring manager in your direction, particularly when you and another candidate are equally qualified for a position. I sent thank-you notes to anyone who visited me in my office for an interview with me.

I have received thank-you notes throughout my recruiting career. I cannot tell you how nice it is to get a heart-felt note from a consultant, thanking me for helping him or her get a job. I also appreciated a kind note from my manager who felt I was doing a good job.

Thank-you notes can be used for any occasion. They tell a person you are grateful for their time and you appreciate what they have done for you.

Should you hand-write a thank-you note or type it? There are some that posit hand-written notes because they are more personal. Unfortunately for me, my handwriting is so bad, I can barely understand it myself, let alone someone I am sending my note to. In my case, a printed letter, signed at the bottom worked better.

What about emailing a thank-you note? I think they are appreciated but fail to achieve what an actual hard-copy letter does. We get emails all the time, but rarely get snail mail, unless it is a bill or a sales pitch. It is the rarity of receiving a letter from someone that makes a mailed thank-you note so impactful, compared to an email. Who knows? I enjoy living a paperless lifestyle, but hand-written or printed out letters are a real treasure.

It is important we express gratitude for the things we have, the blessings that come to us every day, and the things we possess. It is also important to express your gratitude to the people that help you, love you, and service you. I can’t explain it, but the feeling you get from doing kind things for other people is irreplaceable.

Take time to thank people for what they do for you. If you receive outstanding service from your dry cleaner, your dentist, doctor, or the maintenance shop you frequent, take time to send a nice letter to them. It is also nice to send a letter to that person’s manager. This really goes a long way.

Well, that’s it for today, folks. I hope each of you takes time today to thank someone who has served you in some way. It is a great practice. Have a great Thursday, readers.

Until next time…