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“Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.”

Ralph Marston

I’m sitting in an easy chair with my laptop, composing this posting. It is humid today, with an expectation of rain later on. While I write, I take the time to think. I think about the peacefulness in my work area. I think about how comfortable my chair is. I think about all the terrific things I have access to on my laptop. Life is good.

When I take time to contemplate the blessings in my life, a feeling of peace washes over me. It is a child-like feeling, knowing all is where it should be, and there is nothing to worry about. During these times I am compelled to give of myself, realizing that the giving of service to life is more important than receiving anything.

My wife and I get together on Skype a few times a week. For those of you who do not know it, I had to retire early to come home and help out my parents. My Dad was diagnosed with dementia a few years back and he has started the downhill slide that anyone with these types of disease experiences. I did not want my wife to miss out on a teaching career she dedicated so much of her life to. Thus, she is in Arizona teaching and I am here helping out my folks. I love her so much.

Anyway, my Dad cannot be left alone anymore and gave up driving in 2016. This situation requires either me or Mom staying here when one of us has errands to run or events to go to. When both of us have to go somewhere, my sister comes down and hangs out with Dad.

Some would look at my situation and feel sad about it. I do not. My wife is doing well, and we stay in touch all the time. I also write her letters each month to keep her updated on things here, and she tells me what’s going on with our stepdaughters and her teaching there. It is tough sometimes because I miss her so much, but the connection between us is strong. We are doing what we have to. I am grateful for her.

Some would look at my life and think it was horrible luck that has struck us. I do not. Life hands us all kinds of things to deal with and we have chosen to deal with it in our own way—a way that allows both of us to do what we have to. We chose to stay together, supporting one another, loving one another. Our situation reminded me of so many veterans of WWII who were separated from their loved ones for many years. The only thing they could do was write letters, some of which, would take months to get to one another because of the unpredictable mail system in the military at the time. They made it. This led me to believe we could do the same, when my situation at home struck. The difference, we can talk and video chat anytime we want. It is an awesome benefit to be able to see one another and talk to one another anytime we wish.

If you are in a situation that you believe is untenable, take some time to think about potential solutions that are available to you. There is always a solution. There is always a way. 

Well, I’ll end this here. I hope each of you is having a terrific Wednesday.

Until next time…