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Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you didn’t feel right? You can’t put your finger on what it is, but something isn’t right. How do you get rid of that feeling?

The first thing to realize is that we are all growing or shrinking. This is constant. Some days you’re ready to take on the world and you feel like you’re in a sweet spot. At other times you just don’t feel right. It isn’t a physical sensation. It is a mental one.

I was in this funk a few months ago. I felt out of place. I wasn’t motivated to do anything. I was feeling out of sorts. So, here’s what I did to get out of it.

I revisited all of my goals. I looked at my daily rituals and tasks. What could I change?

I returned to basics. I looked at the areas I always focus on. The mental areas, the social areas, the physical areas, and the spiritual areas. Where was I falling short?

I began to reformulate what I set out to do at the beginning of the year. I began reading articles and books. I was searching for ways to get out of the funk I was in.

I went through my entire day and redid everything. I reexamined goals, eliminated all of my daily to-dos and reset everything. After a few days of working through my new to-do list, refreshing my motivation to get back at my goals, and pushing through my rituals, I started to feel better.

I began anchoring myself back to the trajectory I set for myself at the end of last year. Things started making sense again. I felt invigorated and aligned again. I dug myself out of the hole I created for myself.

When you feel like I did, the easiest way to get out of this is to reexamine what you are doing, how you are doing it, and evaluate each goal you have set for yourself. Are you really pushing yourself to be better or going through the motions? Are the goals you are pursuing really important to you or are they someone else’s goals? Are you really doing what you want to be doing?

If your goals are really something you want to do, sometimes you can change up how you are tackling the discrete steps you have created. Sometimes you have to drop a goal you are working on and move forward with another one. The key is to change up what you are doing, so it is fresh again. Once you do, you will inject a sense of excitement back into your life. Once you’ve done that, all is well again.

To summarize. We all get to a point where we feel we are stagnating. Sometimes the goals we have set are not ready to be tackled yet. Other things need to get done first. Or you may just be tired of pursuing what your pursuing. In either case, reevaluate what you are doing, reset your daily to-dos, rituals, and goals. It helped me get out of my hole; this process may help you as well.

As always, have a great Wednesday, readers. I wish you well with all the goals you have set for yourself.

Until next time…