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Happy Monday!

I just got back from one of our annual religious retreats. It is hard to describe the feeling of the Holy Spirit, Love, and connection one receives when attending an event, free from the daily to-dos and other responsibilities we all have to deal with. I am still reeling from the experience. That being said, I am slowly returning to reality and getting back to work.

This week, I’m hitting the book writing, courses, exercise regimen, meditation, and other activities I’ve got scheduled this week. I’ll be unpacking, doing laundry, and getting myself set back up for all of my routines.

Whenever you go away on a business trip, vacation, or religious retreat, there’s always a bit of a letdown when you return to the normalcy of day-to-day living. This is why having your rituals and day-to-day tasks listed out in one of the many to-do apps is so important. Your computer or other tech devices give you the guidance you took time to set up so you can get right back at it without much delay.

Today, I’ll get most of my stuff done, but some will be put on hold until tomorrow, as I get my office set up, get caught up on emails, do some grocery shopping, and get reoriented to the daily routine. Today, will be much less difficult because I have all of my recurring tasks sitting in my to-do app, ready for me to attack.

I hope each of you has a terrific week.

Until next time…