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Sometimes I think about the simple things in life. I was just staring out my window and watching the leaves flutter in the wind. The simple things don’t cost any money. They are there for our enjoyment. My Dad placed dispensers of corn and nuts in our yard and the squirrels and chipmunks love them. In appreciation, they give Dad a show to enjoy all day.

Another benefit of having these dispensers are the frequent visits by a pair of Mallard ducks. They come every few days to pick up the nuts and corn the squirrels have left behind on the ground.

We have a squirrel my Mom nicknamed Pete. He enjoys chewing on a dog bone that our last dog stopped chewing on. We also have a chipmunk who comes to our deck from time to time to visit. Then there are a collection of birds that entertain my mom in the morning.

I have been helping my wife study for a teaching exam she has to get through by November. It is nice to spend time with her and help her. We go through questions, remember funny things about our past, talk about them, and then get back to the questions. It’s nice.

It’s nice to sit in my easy chair and type out these words. I’m enjoying the quiet, typing these words, and thinking. Simplicity. Quiet. Calm.

Until next time…