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Late posting, because I was pending selection for a jury. Got in my workout last night, but was too tired to post. Here you go!

Side Plank Left 15 seconds

Side Plank Right 15 seconds

Bicycle 1×10

Dorsal Raise 1×10

Reversal Crunch 1×10

Vertical Leg Crunch 1×10


Push-up 1×10;1×10;1×10;1×10;1×10

Crunch 1×10;1×10;1×10;1×10;1×10

Lying Leg Lift 1×10;1×10;1×10;1×10;1×10

A Tri-set is like a superset, but uses three exercises in order without rest. Here, I did a set of pushups, a set of crunches, and a set of lying leg lifts. This routine focused on the chest and abs and was a heck of a HIIT cardio routine.

See you at the finish line.