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I am on the hook for potential jury duty this week. I wanted to pass this along, because if I am selected, my postings will be on hold during this time. I’m obligated to call into the court every day to find out if I need to report. They could select me today – Friday.

Life hands us all kinds of little surprises. These surprises can pose minor or major disruptions to a person’s schedule. This is where your ingenuity comes into play. As mentioned in previous posts, of all the daily things I do, exercise has always been a difficult one. Recently, I purchased exercise bands to overcome any issues with my workout schedule.

Some things that can disrupt a workout schedule, particularly in Michigan, is the weather. When I lived in Phoenix, weather was never an issue. Here in Michigan weather is a major issue to deal with. Whether it is a blizzard, ice storm, or thunderstorm, these make it difficult to get to a gym. Exercise bands allow me to get a decent workout, when I cannot get to the gym. The brand I use is: Serious Steel Exercise Bands. These bands come in 6 different weight levels. You’ve got to be a little creative with some exercises, but they work. These bands are easy to travel with and ensure I do not miss a workout other than blowing it off myself.

I also use a workout app called “5MHW”, which stands for the 5-minute home workout. I like this little app because it provides 6 different routines, ranging from cardio, legs and butt, abs, upper body, yoga, and pilates. My favorite workouts are the ab workouts, upper body, legs, and pilates exercise routines. Again, this little routine allows me to do something, when other options are not available. I use these workouts with any weight work I do with the bands.

This week’s schedule, pending on my jury duty will remain the same. I use a laptop primarily for my work, so it will go with me to the court, so I can still get some things done. I’ll be working on my book, posting to the blog, my spiritual exercises and religious readings, exercise routine, yard work, and coding on Codecademy.

I hope all of you have a great week!

Until next time…