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Howdy, folks!

I recently had a revelation that I’ve lost the workout habit. I’ve tried and tried to get myself to the gym, but discovered I am just too inconsistent to get meaningful results. Subsequently, I am digressing back to a simple routine to re-wire my brain.

I will stick with home-based workouts with my exercise bands until I know this habit has come back to its former state.

Home Workout (Bodyweight and exercise bands):

Full body circuit:

Pushups 1×10; Box Squat 1×10; Glute Raise 1×10; Bent-Over Row 1×10; Shoulder Press 1×10; Front Raise 1×10; Lateral Raise 1×10; Shrug 1×10; Bicep Curl 1×10; Triceps Overhead Extension 1×10; Calf Press 1×10; Crunch 1×10; Left-side Crunch 1×10; Right-side Crunch 1×10; Lying Leg Raises 1×10

A circuit is when you do all exercises in order without rest. It’s a great muscle-building and cardio workout combined. It came in handy today with temperatures outside in the “Heat Index 100+” range today.

This is the exercise routine I will stick with until my exercise habit is re-established. Once it is, I’ll elevate this to two or three iterations and begin heading back to the gym.

See you at the finish line!