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I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday, so I missed my weekly Thankful Thursday, so today, I’m going to combine yesterday and today’s topics into one posting.


Daily Ramblings gained some new followers this week. Welcome and Thank you for following me. I really appreciate it. I’m also grateful for the success of my Mom’s cataract surgeries. She was nervous about getting it done and was concerned with her left eye, but this week’s doctor appointment confirmed that all is ok.

I wanted to touch on gratitude journaling again because it is such an important habit, at least for me. I started small, but now my gratitude journal has evolved to a combination of gratitude and morning pages. The practice I use now involves writing down what I am grateful for until I feel it. When I feel gratitude my heart opens. There is a calming that comes and sticks around for the day. This feeling is hard to describe. It is like everything is all right in my world. If you are interested in trying this out, I’d recommend starting with the 5-minute journal. I am not an affiliate, but a satisfied customer. I don’t use the app for this reason anymore. I have a tab in my OneNote app that I dedicate to my journaling.


Anyway. For this week’s funny Friday, I’ll recommend a comedian I really enjoy. His name is Bill Burr. I’ll warn you, he’s very edgy, but his humor aligns with mine in every way. I hope you enjoy him. He has a few comedy shows on Netflix right now. You should try him out, if you’ve never seen one. My sister and I saw him in Detroit last year, and he has one of the longest comedy shows I’ve ever seen. He was on stage around 2 hours, which is unheard of in this industry. Most are off stage in about an hour or so.


Well, that’s it for today, folks. I hope each of you has a wonderful weekend, filled with love, fun things, and some time with your families and loved ones.

Until next time…