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My sister’s dog Weezer passed yesterday. The Vet diagnosed him with a brain tumor and she decided it was best to put him down to ease his suffering. The little guy lost all of his energy in recent months and over the last few days couldn’t walk or negotiate stairs.

Losing a pet is no fun. You spend a good majority of your time with them and then, suddenly, they’re gone. What was interesting with the little guy was that he wanted to follow my sister everywhere she went toward the end of his life. It was frustrating because he had a bad habit of sitting right behind her on the floor when she was cooking. I think it was his way of spending as much time with my sister as he could because he knew his time was coming. He wanted to be as close to her as he could, since his time was fleeting.

Pets, like us, realize at some point when our time here is up. With dogs they sleep more. They dream more. In my religious path, we use these dreams or experiences to ease one from this world to the next with as little shock as possible. My sister said Weezer went easy. He didn’t fight. He just went to sleep. This happens when we slowly let go of our attachments to this life and prepare for the next. If we pay attention, the same will happen for all of us when it is our time to go.

Weezer, we will miss you. You were a great companion to our family, and you were always a welcome addition to our home when my sister had to travel. Goldie will miss you too. Even though you got on her nerves when you were here, she will wonder what happened to you when my sister comes the next time and you are not there. Wherever you are, buddy, I know you will run after balls and enjoy yourself in the next life. I wish you well on your journey my little friend.

For any of you that lose a pet, know they are in a good place, filled with love, and doing the same things they did here. They are on their next adventure and continue their journey back to God. Like our pets, our time here is temporary. We will all pass over too. As we age, we too will sleep more and dream more, to make our transition to our next assignment in the worlds of God easier.

I wish all of you a terrific Saturday!

Until next time…