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  • 25 minutes Cardio Treadmill Random Program

Today I wanted to address our limitations in the gym. Each of our bodies is unique. My particular “uniqueness” involves the effects of a lower-back surgery I got in 2003. This surgery helped me decide to retire from the Army in 2005 and resulted in nerve damage to my left sciatic nerve. Occasionally I’ll suffer from numbness in the left leg and a tingling sensation in my left foot. This is what they call neuropathy. I could take medication for it, but prefer to just grin and deal with it. Because of this unique condition I have to avoid certain exercises like deadlifts, squats, and lunges. I don’t have the balance in my left leg and although I can still do deadlifts and squats, I prefer not to. Each time I have incorporated one of these two exercises in my routine I hurt my back. It’s not fun to hurt your back. So, I do other exercises that are easier on my back and still get a decent workout in.

It is really crucial to take care of yourself in the gym. Weight lifting is no joke. I read somewhere that you should check your ego at the door. This is solid advice. I see so many young people lifting weights that are way too heavy for them. The form they use is horrific and they are just asking for a major injury. Ah, youth.

Anyway, this is my contribution today. Do you have any issues with any exercises because of a medical or physical condition? If you do, reply in the comments section with the problem you have and what you do instead.

See you at the finish line…