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Image by QuentinLGH from Pixabay

I enjoy my relaxation time as much as I do the work I do. Currently, I am playing a video game called Dead Space. I am also watching a series on Netflix called The West Wing. If you have not played Dead Space, I highly recommend it. I won’t offer any spoilers but it is one great game. It has some really scary scenes and has a great back story. I love video games with a great back story. The West Wing is a television show that was very popular. The series is about a President (Martin Sheen) and a whole host of great characters who really make the show. The writing is superb and I enjoy it tremendously.

If you are into video games, try out Dead Space. It is re-engineered to work on the Xbox One and will set you back $15. It also has two more games beyond the original–Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. I’m going to play the heck out of Dead Space this month and will jump into Dead Space 2 next month. It’s $19.99.

That’s it, folks. I just wanted to spread the word about two great things I do when I relax. I hope you give them a whirl if you are into Netflix and video games. They are a real treat!