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“On the outside, divine and emotional love may look the same, but divine love is joyful, thankful. It gives itself fully. Let love be what it will. Don’t let the mind tell you one is human and the other divine.”—Harold Klemp The Language of Soul

Love. It is emotional, nurturing, giving. I remember when I was growing up that I always wondered what love was. I had no idea. Then came the first girl I met and the feelings I had for her. Initially, it was a crush, then, over time, it became something else. It grew to a trusting feeling that just knew she would always be there. She was in my corner. She got me.

Like all first loves it ended after a time. She went off to college; I went off to the Army. We stayed in touch for a while, but then the letters became more infrequent, and it slowly faded away. Then I met other girls and love took my heart again.

Then I began to wonder how love worked with our passions, like the job we do or the hobbies we have. I began to look at my life as a soldier. I wondered could I truly love my work? So, I began putting everything I had into my work. Something happened. My military career took off.

Love is still a mystery. It has so many facets, yet is so simple at the same time. I read that “God is love. God loves. IT loves because that is ITs nature.” – Harold Klemp. Imagine an entity that loved all. That is God. God loves you regardless of how evil you are, how good you are, how selfish you are or how altruistic you are. God loves you if you just robbed a bank, loves you if you cheated on your wife or husband, or sacrificed yourself to save another.

Divine love is charitable. It gives. Human or emotional love is love too. Humans need someone or something to love. Each of us receives love and gives love in our own way. The love we receive has to go somewhere. So we give it to others in the form of a smile, our time, or a quick pat on the head for our dog. We give it to the things we enjoy, whether it’s writing a blog posting, mowing the lawn, or doing the laundry. It is said that when you give of yourself without any expectation of reward; you experience divine love. It is also said “to get love, you have to give it.” – Harold Klemp.

So love what you do. Love your friends, your parents, your brothers and sisters. Love your fellow man, despite his or her weaknesses. Give of yourself. Give to others. Give to a cause. Give to your employer. Give. It is that simple.

Some people will take your love and not give anything back. It hurts when that happens. Maybe you have given your all at work and it just isn’t a fit. Maybe you love someone and they can’t love you back. That’s ok, extend your good will to all. This is divine love. It is an unemotional love that you wish for everyone. It is charitable. It doesn’t care if someone misuses it or fails to reciprocate it. God’s love comes to us, regardless. God loves.

Until next time…