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I took today off. I wasn’t feeling that well this morning and slept until noon. I feel a little better, but figured I’d rather take a day off than exacerbate something I may be getting. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll feel a little better.

I wanted to post this to be accountable. I also wanted to mention something about listening to your body. There are some great articles on this topic online. One of them I found to support this posting was written by Nicole Nichols, Here’s the link: Habits of Fit People: Listen to Your Body

It’s critical to listen to your body when you are exercising, or in my case—not exercising. If you are in the gym and you’re tired, make your workout a little lighter than normal. If your body feels great, push the envelope. If you’re overly sore, maybe hit some stretching before you start.

The key to a life of exercise mandates you realize that this is not a race. A life of exercise is a marathon. The goal is to workout consistently for a lifetime, not just 10 weeks here and 12 weeks there. This also goes for your diet. Why go through all the work of losing weight, only to blow it out with dropping the diet after a few months. Whatever changes you make to your diet, make them permanent.

I have adopted the KETO diet because I have used it before and it works for me. KETO is restrictive. You are literally replacing carbohydrates as your primary energy source with fat. For me, this works. For others, it may be a nightmare. Pick the diet that works for you. For me my body loves meat and fat. It does not like carbohydrates.

We took my sister out for a meal at a Japanese restaurant. I ordered sushi, because I love it. What happened? I felt like crap the next day. I felt bloated and tired out. This is because my body hates carbohydrates. Even though I have lived a life of cakes, candy, and sweets, when I made the flip to the KETO diet, I slept better, my digestive system loved it, and I felt energetic all day. This diet also eliminates hunger pangs and cravings if you stick with it. Fat and protein are very satiating. So when I eat, I eat. But when I’m done, I have no cravings that hit me a few hours later, like I do when I eat carbohydrates.

Anyway, always check with your doctor before engaging in any exercise routine or drastic change in your diet. My doc approved the plan and was so interested in this diet, he wants me to come back in a month and get some urine and blood work done to check my cholesterol and other markers.

If you don’t feel well, tired, overly sore, make adjustments to your workout routine. You have your whole life ahead. If you make exercise a lifetime habit, these adjustments will support you as you go. Consistency is the most important part of any diet or workout routine.

See you at the finish line…