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  • Leg Press 3 x 10;
  • Leg Extension 3 x 10;
  • Seated Leg Curl 3 x 10;
  • Standing Calf Press 3 x 10;
  • Seated Calf Press 3 x 10;
  • Ab Crunch 3 x 10;
  • Leg Lifts 3 x 10;

Today’s message is about having a backup plan. I went to the gym Cutting Edge and discovered that all the equipment I needed for today’s workout was under maintenance. Luckily, I have a membership at Planet Fitness too. So, I packed up, headed down the road and did my workout at Planet Fitness instead. If you only have one gym membership and you run into the same trouble, have a home workout designed to accommodate your workout. You can’t control what a gym does, you can only adapt to whatever circumstances arise.

That’s it for today, folks!

See you at the finish line…