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  • 25-minutes Cardio, Treadmill, Cascading Hill Program

Today, was a cardio-only day. There are a few days like this in Lee Labrada’s 12-week Transformation program, because it is a daily workout for 84 days. If you are interested where to find workouts like these, look at Bodybuilding.com. They have an accompanying app called BodySpace, where you can track your workouts, post them to a log with millions of other bodybuilding enthusiasts and track your progress. Each time you open up the app, it will tell you what workout is due today and will record your progress throughout the workout. This is helpful because it will tell you what weights you used for a previous workout so you can make adjustments to the weight you work with on a particular exercise without trying to write it in a notebook or some other tracking mechanism.

Here are more helpful apps I use:

BodySpace in the Apple App Store (follow programs, find workouts, track your progress). Note: This one requires BodyBuilding.com’s full access membership, which will run you 8.99/month. It’s worth it.

Carb Manager in the Apple App Store (specific for Keto diet followers). Note: This one runs 8.49/month or 39.99/year. Use this app if you are following a Keto diet. It is not worth the money if you are not following Keto.

Spotify is a music app I have been using forever. It is also in the Apple App store and Google play if you use a Google phone (Samsung, etc.). Note: This one will run you 9.99/month. I’ve tried Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Microsoft’s Groove and this one is the best for my needs.

That’s it for today, folks!

See you at the finish line…