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Hey, folks!

What’s the game plan for my week? I’m glad you asked. I’ll be working on the 3rd re-write of my book, shooting for a chapter a day. I’m hitting it hard in the home gym with a mix of cardio, abdominal work, leg work, chest work, Pilates, and Yoga. I’m also taking a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course on Udemy. I’m still going strong with intermittent fasting. This week I’m also learning AJAX within the Web Development Path at Codecademy. Finally, I raised the bar on my meditation practice. I’m up to an hour daily.

What do you have scheduled this week? How are you progressing on this year’s goals? Are you on track or are you missing milestones? If you’re off track, don’t lose sleep. Figure out where you are, retool your plan and get back at it. You can’t lose if you don’t quit, right?

I lost my motivation for book writing a few weeks ago. I discovered my motivation fell away because my process lacked detail. The rewriting process was the culprit. So, I sat down one day and thought it through, retooled, and got back to work. Since this is my first book, my process still needs to ironing out, but I’m back on track again.

If you’re stuck or losing momentum on a goal or resolution you set in December, try this. Think about why you set the goal. Think about what caused you to resolve to do whatever you resolved to do. You still have 8 months to achieve it.

Striving for goals or changes in your life are hard. If they were easy, everyone would accomplish what they set out to do. Don’t be a quitter. Don’t stop. Don’t come up with excuses. You wanted to achieve a goal. Achieve it. Maybe you are doing too much. Maybe you need to whittle down what you’re doing every day. The way to keep going is to keep taking steps towards your goal. Even if they are microscopic steps, continue. It may take you a while but you will succeed. You have it in you.

I hope all of you are making great strides toward your projects and goals. I’m cheering for you! See you at the finish line!

Until next time…