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“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is “thank-you”, it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart

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Here we are, folks. It’s another Thankful Thursday.

So many people are unsatisfied with their lives. They complain about money; they complain about their health; they complain about their lot in life. They never take the time to appreciate what they have. The home they live in is not right, the job they have is no good and doesn’t pay enough, they don’t like this; they don’t like that. When you interact with these people, it is one complaint after another. How do people live like that?

I think all of us go through a phase when everything goes wrong. When these times come, it is hard not to complain because we believe fate has dealt us a bad hand. Unfortunately, we will all go through good times and bad times. It is all part of life itself. So, if life will always be good and bad, how do we make it more enjoyable and livable? We can focus on the good things.

I write in a gratitude journal every day. I express thanks for my family, friends, and the good things that happen. I express gratitude for God. I express my thanks for this life and all its experiences. I actively look for the good things and pursue humility. When you look for the good, you find it. When you express gratitude for the home you live in, the friends and family who love you, the natural gifts life has blessed you with, life takes on a whole new meaning. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to achieve the grateful state. Therefore, I do not set a limit to my gratitude journaling. I know the feeling when it arrives, and I keep writing until it takes hold.

Writing is my haven. Writing allows me to empty my mind and explore the thoughts that come to the page. Writing hones my thinking. Writing about the things I am blessed with and grateful for makes me happy. It brings a perspective of having enough. When you have enough life is a wonderful experience.

If you are a new follower of Daily Ramblings, thank you. I appreciate each one of you. I hope my content adds a little to your day. I hope you keep coming back. I am also grateful for my home, my family, my friends, my pets, my talents, and God’s love. I am thankful for the insights I receive from reading scripture. I am grateful for the discipline I possess to write, read, learn, exercise, and meditate.

I write personal affirmations daily. Affirmations are a way to focus on the good. I affirm the man I want to be. I affirm the character traits I want to develop. I affirm the life I am striving for. My daily affirmations are part of my gratitude journaling practice.

Affirmations work because they cause us to focus on what we want. The repetition of daily affirmations convinces your mind you are what you want to be already. It turns negative self-talk to positive self-talk. This process causes you to focus on the good and ignore the bad. You literally erase the bad because you give it no time during your day. What you focus on is what you achieve.

Here is a brief list of affirmations you can use:

  • I am healthy and I am at my optimal weight
  • I am intelligent and learn new concepts and ideas easily
  • I am grateful for all I have and will receive
  • I can learn anything I put my mind to
  • I am happy and seek the good things in life

You can do a Google search for Affirmations to get more ideas. When you build your own list, focus on health, spirituality, learning, and gratitude. You can add whatever else you like but I have found these are great starting topics.

I hope each of you are having a great week so far. Keep pushing to be better, establish and strengthen good habits, and most of all, be thankful for what you have. Choose gratitude, contentment, and happiness. It is a great life. Be thankful for it.

Until next time…