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I’ve got a few things to cover today. The first is to offer my thanks for all the new followers this week. Thank you so much for following Daily Ramblings. I really appreciate it. The next thing I want to cover is my new character trait I’ll be adding in February. February is the month I pursue the character trait of detachment. So far, I have the following character traits on my list of pursuit each month: discrimination, tolerance, forgiveness, and contentment. This has been an interesting journey.

I have also been monitoring the habits I’ve been establishing for the last year. My daily journaling and blogging are finally wired in. I literally cannot go a day without getting these done. It is interesting when you think about how our brains work. Initially, the brain resists the addition of a new task or habit. Then it begins to tolerate the habit. Finally, it expects the habit to be accomplished. This is the one surprise I attained over the last year. I have always been looking for some form of a trigger or sign that I have truly mastered a new habit. My realization over the last week was proof to me that these habits are ingrained. Now, I can begin looking at other habits.

We’ve got snow again last night and it is clean, crisp, and white. I love the Winter season. It is nice to feel the cold when you walk outside to shovel the driveway and sweep off the walkways. It is nice to feel the temperature difference when you come back in and pour yourself a nice cup of coffee. I finished the rough draft of my book and will begin the rewriting process on Monday. I have been contemplating the writing process or just the process of creation in general, and writing a book is no different from painting, sculpture or any other type of art form. You always start out rough and slowly transform the creation into a final product. I am glad I began this project last year and stuck with it.

I hope all of you have a terrific Sunday!

Until next time…