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It’s been a great week for Daily Ramblings! Any week I add a new follower is a great week in my book. Thank you to all of you who have begun following Daily Ramblings. I really appreciate it.

I’ve been a little off this week because of a cold I contracted a day after New Years. I have been able to keep up my reading, writing, and learning, but the exercise routine has taken a hit. When I get sick, my workouts are the first thing I put on hold because they tend to drag sickness out. I think by tomorrow I’ll be over this thing.

I’m currently at 484 followers. I need 16 more to hit my 2018 goal of 500 followers. This year I am setting a goal of 1000 followers. I’ll be reaching out to a lot more folks this year to achieve that goal.

For those of you who are new, here’s my posting schedule:

  • Motivation Monday
  • Ted Talk Tuesday
  • Wisdom Wednesday
  • Thankful Thursday (changed this year from Thinking Thursday)
  • Funny Friday
  • Spiritual Saturday
  • Series Sunday (My Thank you day as well)

If you know of anyone in your blogging sphere that you think will benefit from my words, send them my way. Thanks again, everyone for following me!

Until next time…