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Happy New Year! I hope all of you have some fun things planned for New Year’s Eve! We are finally wrapping up 2018 and it feels good to start again. This last year was terrific for me and I look forward to a better 2019 with the new skills and habits I developed this year.

Here we are folks! It is that time to put up or shut up. Below you’ll find my yearly goals for 2019. You’ll notice that some of these goals are merely prescriptions for daily activities. The reason I utilize this format is because many of my achievements in one area or another are the result of daily rituals that I have found to be quite effective. My primary areas of progress are broken down in to the four dimensions of life I believe are relevant. What I’ll be doing on top of this is mapping out specific SMART goals wrapped into 90-day or quarterly windows. I’ll be posting this early next week as I continue to work through the mapping process from the below blueprint/plan to specific accomplishments.


  • Workout 6 days each week (other than vacation days) with 1 rest day.
  • Workouts will be full-body weights and a session of cardio
  • Concentrate intake on protein macros
  • Take Vitamins Daily
  • Increase strength gains in each major exercise by 20% by year’s end
  • Increase cardio capability to 60 minutes on Elliptical by year’s end
  • Reduce body fat% by 10% by year’s end
  • Increase Muscle Mass by 10 pounds by year’s end


  • Read 48 books in 2019 (4 books per month – 1 spiritual book, 1 fiction book and 2 non-fiction books).
  • Complete Web Dev Path on Codecademy
  • Learn Visual Code IDE
  • Complete 2nd draft of book
  • Continue with current Blog Posting Schedule
  • Begin working on Non-fiction Book (initial rough draft by year’s end)


  • Achieve 1000 followers by years’ end (currently at 481)
  • Vacation in June
  • Do my work at a coffee shop once a week (day off from gym – Sunday)
  • Visit a library once per week, read work, whatever
  • Find something fun to do in my area once per quarter
  • Meet someone new each time I visit the library and coffee shop and strike up a conversation
  • Build network on Codecademy’s #Slack Channel


  • Read Bible Daily
  • Spiritual Exercises daily
  • Continue Book discussion in Croswell, MI
  • Attend Regional Seminar and HI Retreat
  • Continue Spiritual Discourse Work
  • Continue to work through my 12-character trait development program

I wish all of you a great time at the New Year’s Eve parties you will be attending. I wish each of you great adventure, peace, happiness, success, and love for the upcoming year. Keep pushing toward your goals. You are the only one that can.

Here’s to a great New Year!!

Until next time…