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I am really enjoying the holidays!

We had a nice post-Christmas day yesterday. We had leftovers, sat around our Christmas Tree to talk about various topics, and got to watch a good movie as a family last night. We watched Infinity War and it lived up to all the hype that surrounded it when it hit theaters.

If you’re a Marvel fan and missed out on this film when it was at the movie theaters, it was just released on Netflix. It is a long movie (about 2 hours) but is really good. I won’t provide any spoilers so you’ll have to watch it.

The remainder of this week I’ll be doing my annual readings of Getting Things Done, Mini-habits, and the 7 habits. I am reading The One Thing currently, along with a fiction book called 2136.

My exercise routine will be on hold until the New Year. I’ve been going at it hard and want to give my body a little breather as we approach the New Year. Then it’s off to the races!

I’m also working on my goals for the New Year. I’ll post these on New Year’s Eve. My goals will revolve around the spiritual dimension, physical dimension, mental dimension, and social dimension. One area I am seriously lacking is the social dimension. Since retirement and moving back to Michigan, my social network (besides the virtual one) have been seriously deteriorated. This year will be a focus of getting out there. I’m contemplating doing a lot of my writing at local coffee shops to just get out there and meet and interact with people. More on this later.

Well, that’s it for today, folks!

Until next time,