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Yesterday, my brother and I played some more video games. We also finished up the series Patriot on Amazon. Last night we connected with some friends and met up at one of our favorite cigar bars. I had a beer called Pie Hole Port. I ordered this simply because I liked the name.

It was great reconnecting with my friend who is a computer programmer. I really enjoyed last night. My brother and I also went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. He had fried chicken, while I had the meatloaf. It was really yummy!

Today, I’ll be meeting with one of my old managers for lunch. Then it’s back home to work through Shadow of the Tomb Raider some more.

It’s raining in Phoenix. This is typical this time of year. Arizonans welcome the rains because they are a welcome respite from the heat of summer and fall.

Until next time…