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Yesterday, was a nice day. The weather was awesome and I had a nice dinner with my wife. She is a special education teacher by day and a female bodybuilder at night. We had to separate because of my Dad’s condition, requiring me to come home and help out my parents.

It may be strange to some that my wife and I are separated for this reason but I learned a long time ago that the rules we create for ourselves are just that–rules we impose on ourself–not imposed by others. Society has a way of imposing things on us. There are expectations of owning a home, having a traditional family, doing what everyone else is doing. What I have found is that these social norms are not the norm for most of us. When I made the decision to balk at the expectations of society and truly live my own life, life became lighter, relaxing, free.

Today, I’m meeting some friends at one of our favorite haunts. It’ll be a great time to reconnect, learn about what’s going on in their lives and spend some time together laughing. Right now, my brother and I are watching Patriot on Amazon and will kick into some gameplay on his Xbox a little later. We are enjoying Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The graphics and storyline in this game are beyond awesome!

That’s it for today, folks!

Until next time…