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Last night we had another dinner with the newlyweds. Today, my brother and I sent Mom and Dad home to Michigan. They had a great time while they were here. Today will be a day of coordinating with my friends and colleagues to schedule some time together while I’m here. It’ll be great fun!

The weather here is perfect! Blue skies, moderate temperatures (evenings in the 50s and days in the 70s). My brother and I will also be playing some video games (yeah, I’m a total geek when it comes to games!). We’re looking at Red Dead Redemption and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Both of these games are on the XBox One.

The rest of today will be doing laundry, getting connected with friends to set up lunches and happy hours and knock out my daily to-dos. It’s going to be a great time!!

Until next time…