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“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.”―Albert Schweitzer

I think the “light” Schweitzer discusses in this quote is about the spark or motivation we carry with us to meet the day. When life beats you up on multiple fronts, it is hard to be motivated to do anything at times. Then you meet someone or interact with someone who inspires you, invigorates you, or shows you that you may not have it as bad as you thought. These people are those people who are the “heart” people.

Heart people or the people who center their lives around the aspect of love are those who can withstand hardship because they know they are loved. They give love because in many cases it is all they possess. They give without thought of gain or advantage. They give without expecting anything in return. They give. They are grateful for the small graces sprinkled upon them.

When you run across a grateful person, you find they do not believe in a lack of abundance. They believe that there is enough for everyone and are always willing to give what they have to others, particularly if they believe the person, they are giving to needs something more than them. Grateful people do not advise others, they teach through example. They show the world that what they have is enough. They show others that happiness is internal, not an external thing subject to the whims of chance, the weather, or what other people do.

I am eternally grateful for the heart people I have come across. They have taught me. They have helped me. They have given to me. They arrived at times in my life that were not so great. I befriend people who are like this and keep them close. I, in turn, have tried to cultivate this same aspect of character. I try to help those that I can. I try to teach others the things I have learned that have been helpful to me. I try to show other people that they can have a better life by working on themselves. Some folks listen—others don’t. That’s ok.

I thank God for the family, friends, mentors, and teachers that have graced my life. They have taught me persistence. They have taught me discipline. They have taught me a great many things that benefit me. I reciprocate the grace they have brought to my life and try to do the same for others.

I hope each of you has had the privilege of knowing a heart person. I hope you are emulating these people and pursuing a life of being a “light” for others. It will make a huge difference in another person’s life.

Until next time…