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Today’s Ted Talk is provided by a writer. A writer who has seen the peak of success and the pit of defeat. She discusses a really important point about her craft. It is not about making money or being successful. It is not about the failure of a book. It is about doing what you love, a thing she calls “home”.

“Home” is the one thing that you love more than yourself. When it comes to writing, I have found so many quotes and stories discussing the same thing. Stephen King, Lee Childs, and James Patterson all offer the same advice in their books, articles, and interviews. When you look at any person who does well at what they are doing and works hard at it, you know there’s love. You couldn’t put in the time these people put into their work if they didn’t absolutely love what they do.

I challenge each of you in my reading audience to take a few moments and reflect. Where is your “home”? I obviously love to write. I do it every day for this blog. Am I the best? Far from it. I love it. I have also recently discovered my passion for programming. You see I started a course on Codecademy on a whim. Programming is on my bucket list. I really enjoy it. I love watching the magic of code. How anyone can make that computer do what they want. It really is magical to me.

Think about the things you do for the sake of doing it. My Mother gardens. My Father loves to work with wood. My brother likes Guitar Playing and technology (he does it for a living). My Wife has a passion for bodybuilding and teaching. My friend has a passion for playing vintage video games.

Each of us has that one thing we could do 24-hours a day without pay. We truly love doing this one thing or maybe a few things more than we love ourselves. This thing is what God put us on Earth to do. It is the one thing you can do that truly wakes you up in the morning.

I hope you enjoy this video. It really sparked something inside me when I watched it. I hope it does the same for you.

Until next time…