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“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking

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The world is constantly evolving. The job market is changing constantly. Despite increases in employment recently, there will always be a risk of becoming obsolete. Technology is transforming how we communicate, how we work, how we conduct business. The changes we have seen since the dawn of the personal computer have been staggering and these changes that are coming in the future will dwarf the last two decades because with each technical breakthrough, the more capability we have to make more changes.

How do we remain viable? How do we keep up?

Think about your life today. Could you imagine going somewhere without your cell phone? How would you navigate from point A to point B without your trust map app?

Could you imagine a day without Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? Google? All these technology companies have provided us with greater capability to gather information, interact with friends and loved ones, take pictures, listen to music, and read books. Your mobile phone and the connection to the Internet give you access to all the books, all the music, and all the movies and TV shows that are available.

Some of these changes have benefits, but like anything, there are also disadvantages. ID theft, bullying on social networks, revenge porn, and all the rest are the insidious side-effects of a wired world. There’s also the increase in “screen-time” that is causing more and more of us to become less active, less social (in-person), and more hermit-like. Think about the stereotypical video game junkie, living in squalor, overweight, with one driving motivation—that next game. A sad state of consciousness indeed.

Take advantage of the technology, stay adept at the changes that are coming, but remain unchanging when it comes to human interaction, exercise, eating right, and taking a walk in nature from time-to-time. The FOMO affects everyone that is susceptible to it. Instead of worrying about who posted what, call them on the phone, go out to a movie, head to the gym, eat out at a nice restaurant, go to the library, or catch a concert. There is so much out there that cannot be replaced by technology. Holding your granddaughter or grandson, eating a meal with your family (without devices), or taking your wife or significant other out on a date night is much more fulfilling than staring at a Twitter or Facebook stream.

With all the technology that is prevalent in our life we must adapt to survive. Letting that technology circumvent our ability to truly interact with others, get out of the house, or pursue healthy activities is truly a bane on our society. A bane that has already been determined to be harmful if we continue the path we are on. Technology is good, technology helps us become more efficient, technology offers us the entertainment that occupies our time and the ability to connect with people in new and different ways, let’s just keep everything in balance.

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