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Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity. - Og Mandino

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“Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.” Og Mandino

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We all have problems. We are surprised by unforetold losses. We are struck by random emergencies, causing us to scramble and struggle to recover.

Our opinions and attitude truly can be our greatest strength or greatest weakness. They are a strength if we learn how to react to life’s “surprises” like water does to any outside influence. The water reacts exactly to the input, be it a pebble, a bird landing for a cool bath, or the gentle breezes. When we can be like water we let the troubles roll off of our back. We maintain a detached attitude, realizing that our reality is what it is—nothing more—nothing less.

The character trait I am working on this month is discrimination. Discrimination allows us to determine the difference between right and wrong, truth or lies, reality or imagination, truth or illusion. Ultimately, if we pay attention long enough, we discover there is no right or wrong, truth or lies, reality or imagination, truth or illusion. We realize that everything just is. All that happens in our lives is an experience. An experience that teaches us. When you come to this realization you learn that every problem is not a roadblock. Each problem is a stepping stone.

Think about how “freeing” this attitude is. It’s hard. It is really hard to forge an attitude that turns problems into helpful solutions to our unfoldment but that is exactly what each problem is. Problems are what we define them to be. If you change the definition you no longer have any problems.

I hope all of you are having a terrific week so far.

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