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  1. Discriminating
  2. Tolerant
  3. Forgiving
  4. Content
  5. Detached
  6. Humble
  7. Patient
  8. Compassionate
  9. Disciplined
  10. Grateful
  11. Minimalist
  12. Contemplative

These are the 12 personal character traits I will be working on over the next year. Like Benjamin Franklin, I will work on one each month. As I progress, I will continue to work on the previous trait and add the next trait. This will result in working on all 12 at year’s end.

The trait I will be working on this month is Discrimination. I am not looking to improve my prejudice. That part of the discriminating definition is not part of my character development. My goal is to be able to sift through all the information I receive from the Internet, my personal relationships, and any other source, and make better decisions.

I want to improve my ability to choose between right and wrong, true and false, and illusion and reality. It will be a great exercise and I look forward to it. Today, we are deluged with information—much of this “information” is not true or heavily biased one way or another.

I’ll see you again next month when I add another trait out of this list to November.

Until next time…