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Since my last thank you posting, Daily Ramblings has added 23 readers to its audience. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have begun following my blog!!

I hope each of you is getting something from my work. If you would like to see anything different, any additional content, etc., feel free to comment on one of my postings and I’ll take it into consideration. For those of you who are new, here is my weekly schedule:

Motivation Monday

Ted Talk Tuesday

Wisdom Wednesday

Thinking Thursday

Funny Friday

Spiritual Saturday

I don’t do a heck of lot on Sunday, other than what I want to do. This is my one day per week that I literally “do nothing”, hence the nickname I’ve given it – “Do Nothing Day”.

My Do Nothing Day today consisted of reading Aristotle, some game time with my buddy playing Starcraft II, and listening to music on Spotify.

Thanks again, everybody! I really appreciate the follows and the comments this week. See ya tomorrow.

Until next time…