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“By asking, you have reached out and taken the initiative—a first step that will lead you to the next answer.”—Harold Klemp The Language of Soul

Are you stuck? Are you facing a challenge or difficulty that you just don’t know how to solve?

Take a few moments, close your eyes, and be quiet for a moment. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your breathing. Once you have settled down a bit, ask the question you have. Take a few more deep breaths and focus on your breathing. If the answer comes, write it down. If not, let go of your question and go about your day. Use this exercise a few times over the next week or so, paying attention to any intuitive thoughts that come through. Write them down.

The answers to your questions are out there. In conjunction with the above exercise, pay attention to the things you hear and the things you see. No idea is a bad one, always write them down.

Once you have collected a few items on your list begin to go through each one to see if it will help you solve your problem. Put a star next to or highlight the ideas you have received that may contribute to solving your problem.

It is important that you write down each idea that comes to you. Some of the ideas you will receive may not make any sense initially but give it time. Once you receive your answer, take your time to put together a plan, using the answer as a way of developing your plan. Once your plan is in place—execute.

This may seem like witchcraft or some weird metaphysical trick, but it works. We are all connected. Someone in the universe has had the same problem you have. Reach out for answers they will come. Just remember the importance of each idea. Do not discount any of them, regardless of how ridiculous they may appear at first.

I believe we are all here in this reality to learn. We are here to learn about ourselves and become self-sufficient beings. It is important to become self-sufficient so you can be able to better serve others. Service is the key to all we are about. Serving others is about making another person’s life just a little easier, but don’t infringe. Help people when they ask, serve people by doing the little things. This service will pay HUGE dividends. Altruism is not self-sacrificing, it is self-building.

Happy hump day!

Until next time…