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“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” – H. G. Wells
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Anything we embark on will result in errors. Making mistakes or bad decisions are all part of the learning we require when we begin doing something we have not done before. You can read about what others have done to accomplish a task, but I’ve found that regardless of the people we model, we will make our own unique mistakes.

Diets, exercise, and weight loss are all unique to the individual. Like I mentioned previously, my body is not very good at digesting carbohydrates. No one can avoid carbohydrates, but we can control where these carbohydrates come from. I typically get the carbohydrates in my diet from vegetables. It is our uniqueness that makes dieting so difficult, but with persistence, you will find a solution to your dieting that will work just for you. Take the time to read about nutrition. Research the various diets out there. You’ll find the solution, but you must be persistent and really want it.

Our unique disposition, psychology, physiology, are blessings. They allow us to contribute differently from others around us. They require that we go out and investigate how we are different from others. When it comes to diet, experiment. Learn. Once you have discovered a truism for you, stick with it.

One warning, however. We change. Foods I used to like and eat, no longer interest me. Foods that my body liked or had no issue with have also changed. There are no fast or quick ways to lose weight. Realize that the damage you’ve done over the years from eating a poor diet or the foods your body doesn’t like, cannot be undone overnight. It takes time. Keep this in mind during your diet. Your new diet must be sustainable over the long-term and must be satisfying. If you don’t like the diet or it causes problems, you’ll soon drop it and return to your previous habits.

You will slip. You’ll succumb to that piece of pizza or bowl of ice cream. Don’t beat yourself up. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and pick your diet right back up again. Exercise is also like this. Keep going back to the gym or getting back on that treadmill, bike, or elliptical in your home. Over time, particularly when you begin to see the benefits of exercise, you’ll find that exercise is a part of your life. Again, make small adjustments initially. Whatever exercise routine you embark on, it must be sustainable for the long-term. Trying to go from zero activity to an hour of cardio is just not going to stick around too long. It is too much, too quickly. Start with 20 minutes a day and elevate this by 5 minutes each week. You’ll be at the recommended time of 35 minutes plus in three weeks.

Below are the actions I’m taking to forge forward on my weight-loss journey, writing, reading, and learning journeys. I hope you have a terrific week!!


Decided to up the intensity of my workout. The Labrada trainer just wasn’t doing it. I’ve moved to a full-body workout, along with cardio. I’m up to 40 minutes a day this week.

I’m pleased to announce another pound loss. My last weigh-in was 220lbs.

I’m using the combination of a low-carb diet and intermittent fasting, which is working well.


My goal is to finish 12 online courses by year’s end. I am at 6 so far. I finished the Udemy Non-fiction writing course last week. Still working on Public Policy and Learning How to Learn.

I also want to read 36 books this year. I’m at 28 books out of 36. I finished three books last week!

I’m heading to the library to begin research for my book project. The goal is to finish the rough draft by the end of the year.


My goal here is to finish my discourse by year’s end, read my Bible daily, Meditate/Pray twice a day, and keep a dream and gratitude journal. All of this is on track so far.

I am participating in a workshop in Canada, another workshop here in Michigan in September, and already served on a panel and gave a talk at our spiritual center in February.


My goals are to build my readership to 500 by year’s end. I’m currently at 405! If you know anyone that would benefit from my blog, please send them my way!

Attended a Sound of Soul meetup, held by the local Eckankar group. Great fun and a nice dinner afterward!

I got in a lot of reading this week. I will be getting some research done for my book starting tomorrow and getting on a steady writing schedule, beyond this blog. I can’t wait to dig in.

Well, that’s my week folks!

Until next time…