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Paying attention to foods can help you lead a better spiritual life. People ask me, “What is good food?” There is no good food or bad food for everyone. It depends upon the individual, upon his particular health condition. Who can best tell what’s right for you? You can, of course.—Harold Klemp The Language of Soul

Ah, food! My evolution with food is slow but sure. I have been reading a lot of books about nutrition. Some of it was absolute BS but there are some little nuggets of gold here and there.

For my current weight loss efforts, I am tracking my food intake daily and monitoring my carb, protein, and fat intake. One of the books I read explained how type O blood folks (that’s me) are really good at digesting fats and proteins. Our particular weakness is with carbohydrates, particularly those nasty ones in grains and dairy products. Unfortunately, there are no studies out there that verify that the blood type diet or any of the other diets out there do anything for your waistline, however, there were some items in the type O diet that I already knew I had a problem with.

My body loves protein but I discovered in the last few weeks when I began paying more attention to what I was eating, that Whey protein products are a no-go. I only drink about two protein shakes a day and they were causing some major issues with my digestion. I’m trying an egg white protein now and it appears to be ok with my physical makeup.

This is what Harold is talking about. What’s bad for me, may be good for you and vice versa. It’s really important to find this stuff out before you have a major allergic reaction or you screw up your digestive track. For me, it’s important to eat whole (non-boxed foods) and make sure I supplement properly to recover from my workouts.

So, folks, take some time to analyze your diet and identify those foods that might not be working for you. You can also visit your doctor and have him send you to a nutritionist if you have a major concern. These folks can make diet recommendations to get you started. Regardless, the food you eat, the supplements and vitamins you take, really are individual. Some supplements I have tried have ZERO effect, while others have been very helpful. Experiment, test things out. You’ll feel a lot better in the long-run.

Until next time…