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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

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Knowledge is so fleeting, isn’t it?

We learn something, gain some knowledge, apply that knowledge and learn more. So much of what we learn, gain, and apply is unique to each of us. Our unique nature drives us to learn things that others are not interested in, but literally, drive us to learn more. The more we learn, gain, and apply, the more nuances we discover during the process that are specific to us.

I find that knowledge, along with any skill we develop, evolves. The better we get at something; the more opportunities arise that allow us to grow again. Learning then is evolutionary and continuous. Each time we learn something new or gain proficiency in something provides more opportunities. These opportunities are more like capabilities. The more capable we are, the more things we can do, the more things we must learn, and the upward spiral continues. Each time we elevate to a new level compels even further learning, further improvement, and even more discipline than we had before.

This plus factor is continuous. There is always something more to learn, something more to explore, something more to experience. There is a catch, however. If you fail to push your limits continually, you will stagnate and digress.

The best analogy for this is exercise. Your body is an incredible machine that will adapt to new environments. If you stress your cardiovascular system, central nervous system, lymphatic system, musculature, tendons, and bones, the body responds by making them stronger. The body by itself is very stupid. It doesn’t know that you are curling a 20lb dumbbell or a 40lb dumbbell. It only knows the stress that is placed on it is greater than its current capability to lift or move this weight. Subsequently, the body over adapts by repairing that muscle to meet the demands that were placed on it. The same follows for every system in your body.

Each of us is unique but the principle of the plus factor is active in all aspects of our lives. Take advantage of this factor by improving all aspects of your life. Push yourself to get better physically and mentally. Increase your social circles and your network. Pursue improvements in your spiritual life. Each time you reach a new level, you’ll be able to do more. Then push again.

This is what this quote means to me. Each time we learn something or achieve something, we are on new ground. That new ground requires us to learn the new rules that only exist at this plateau. Be the very best you can be and continue to raise the bar. Growth is healthier than decline.

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