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Hello, all! Welcome to another Thinking Thursday, where I’ll give you an idea of what I’ve learned this week, what I’m watching and reading.

This week has been tough. I’m in week 8 of Kris Gethin’s Hardcore Trainer and have literally lost between 1 and 2 pounds daily since Monday, considering the very restricted carbohydrate intake. Today, I’m only allowed a little over 70 grams. Not much. This is the equivalent of about 10 rice cakes. I’ve started the workout routine at 245 pounds and now weigh 229 lbs, with 3 more days to go.

My body thrives in a very, low carb intake type of diet, so I’m all in. This is the last week, then I’ll take a slight breather, raising my carbs up about 50 grams per day and reducing my cardio sessions from 55 minutes twice a day to 45 minutes twice a day.

I’m heading to my sisters this upcoming weekend to go to a comedy show. I’ll have access to one of the gyms I’m a member of while there, but don’t want to be in the gym the entire time I’m at my sister’s house (that’s no fun for her). Anyway, I’ll be lifting daily and hitting my cardio, but taking it a little easy, as I’ve decided to hit this hardcore trainer for another 8 weeks starting on July 3, 2018, when I’m back home. That’s about it on the weightlifting front.

Books I’m reading:

  • The same as last week.

Movies I’ve seen:

  • Solo (not a bad movie if you’re a Star Wars fan). They really did a great job with this one. I’m not going to drop any spoilers here because it is still in the movie theater and you may not have had time to see it yet.


  • Still watching Hell on Wheels, The West, and The Hollow


  • Public Policy Course
  • Learning How to Learn (week 3) I finished the Nonfiction Book writing course on Udemy and will be using the process this instructor used to write his book. I wanted to watch this to get some better ideas on how to start and put together the framework of the book, before getting too far into the writing. I’ve already knocked down quite a lot of content this year but wanted to really get a better handle at formulating the book into an order that would be readable. Subsequently, I’ll be kicking off this book project next month.
  • Mini Habits Course is in the hopper. I’ll update here when I begin doing this one.


  • The Tim Ferris Show
  • The Knowledge and Mileage Podcast

I wanted to add this to my weekly list because I’m a big fan of Tim Ferris and Kris Gethin, who is currently one of the weightlifting trainers I follow on Bodybuilding.com.

Well, this is it for my week thus far. I’m headed to the gym to knock out Lower Back, Upper Abs, and Hamstrings today. Today is Day 53 of the Hardcore Trainer and I’m stoked!!

Until next time…