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Folks! Today is my “do-nothing” day, but I would be a total dirtbag if I did not acknowledge the many veterans that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and security, since the founding of this country.

Tomorrow is the day we pay tribute to these heroes.

Since some of my audience is not from the United States, I would recommend looking at your own country’s heroes and take a few moments to remember them.

To all veterans and their family members:

I hope all of you have a terrific Memorial Day and enjoy time spent with loved ones, reminiscing those that have fallen. There has been so much military action over the last couple of decades that it is unthinkable that anyone of my friends or colleagues is without some connection to the military.

I truly wish those that are hurt, heal quickly. Those that have died are remembered for their sacrifices. I would also recommend remembering the family these heroes left behind. They have born a great deal of sacrifice as well.

I would also like to thank our first responders. They make sacrifices every day to make our lives better. Whether you are a member of the firefighters, the police, or the many who have answered the call in the numerous medical fields, you too, make daily sacrifices to make our society safer.

You will always be remembered.

Until next time…