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The principles of Spirit are embedded in the literature and in the life of our culture. Truth is never hidden. It is always available for the Soul who wants to take the next step. —Harold Klemp The Language of Soul

I find that the answers I seek are always available. Some come as nudges from within, while others come in the form of a message on a radio, a conversation I overhear, a magazine article, website, or even a novel. In Eckankar, we call these insights the “Golden-Tongued Wisdom” or the “Waking Dream”.

Try this out for yourself. Ask a question (write it down or say it to yourself). Then wait. Sometimes the answer will come quickly, while other times it will take a while to come in. When you get the answer, test it, confirm it, really make sure you have what you were looking for. This “intuition” will be right more often than not.

I had to make a life-changing decision in December 2016. My Father has been struggling with Dementia for more than a few years and it has begun to get worse. In conjunction with my Dad’s illness, my personal situation was collapsing to the point that I had to make a move one way or the other. I decided to come home to help out my folks.

As I drove from Arizona to my home state of Michigan, I began doubting my decision. I was saying to myself, “Dave, what are you doing?” These doubts ran rampant over my mind as I trudged along the highways between my old home and my new. Since I could not quiet my mind, I decided to ask for a confirmation. I really wanted to know that I was making the right move.

On the highway, on the way home I looked to the right as I talked with my Dad and a billboard had a message on it that confirmed my decision. A day later as I was crossing the Michigan Ohio border I saw another billboard off to the left of me as I moved slowly during a traffic jam. This was the second confirmation. I would like to keep these messages private, but you get the point. I asked and received two confirmations in the form of billboard messages. Crazy? Maybe. But the solution that presented itself has been good for me and good for my family, particularly my Mom who was having more difficulty taking care of my Dad.

I have found in my personal life that these truths or answers are out there for the taking if we only take the time to formulate what we are looking for and being patient for the answer. They always come. The key to this whole process is being open to the source it comes from. It could come from anywhere and anything. Just listen and watch.

Well, we’re fast approaching Memorial Day! I hope all of you are having a great weekend so far!

Until next time…