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Andersonville: A Story of Rebel Military Prisons by John McElroy

This the first book review of Daily Ramblings! I wanted to add this type of content into my weekly regimen because I do read a lot of books and thought it would be nice to pass this along to my readership. Today’s book review is a book I just started.

This book is about one person’s experiences in a Military Prison ran by the Confederacy during the Civil War. I was prompted to read this book after watching Ken Burn’s documentary on the Civil War. If you’re interested, you can find it on Netflix. This book is also free and can be found on Amazon in the Kindle section. I tend to read a lot on the Kindle because it’s easier on the eyes.

So far, the book is describing the soldier’s experiences with the Union Army and has not been captured. The book is written in the language of the 1800’s but is put together quite well and reads very easily. If you are a war buff like I am, the reading is fascinating.

I did not know about Andersonville until seeing the Civil War by Ken Burns. This prison camp is also mentioned in the Netflix Series (AMC) Hell on Wheels. I won’t drop any spoilers here, but the series is also worth a watch. I’m in the second season out of 5 seasons available currently.

Well, I’m not that far along in the book, but will use Thursday to discuss any books I’m reading. I hope this provides a little variety and perhaps points you in a direction of reading that you’ll enjoy.

Until next time…