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“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” – Mike Murdock

It’s Monday Motivation on Daily Ramblings. This quote is appropriate for today! I am a stickler for a daily routine or daily rituals. I arrived upon this current state by reading through a lot of the habits literature and came to the realization that our daily routines are merely a collection of habits.

Some of my daily habits are:

Reading multiple books (a few pages up to a chapter depending on length)

Writing (Blog Posting and Book Writing)

  • Exercise (currently two cardio sessions each day with weight lifting Mon-Fri)
  • Spiritual Practices (Dream Journaling, Daily Reflection, Reading Spiritual Works)
  • Daily Learning (Currently a Course on the US Presidents, Course on Happiness and Well Being offered by Yale on Coursera, and a Nonfiction Book Writing Course on Udemy)
  • Social Media and Connection (stay in touch with family, friends, and interact with people at the coffee shops, gymnasiums, and libraries I frequent)

This week’s exercise routine:

2 cardio sessions 35 minutes each day (Monday – Sunday)

Weight Lifting: Monday (Quadriceps, Lower Abs, and Calves); Tuesday (Chest and Shoulders); Wednesday (Arms); Thursday (Hamstrings, Lower Back, Upper Abs, and Calves); and Friday (Upper Back)

I find these rituals to be extremely productive and fruitful.

I hope each of you has a tremendous week!

Until next time…