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“Life is a series of interconnected wheels. Very little can happen to you without it being known ahead of time by you. All you have to do is learn to be aware.” —Harold Klemp The Language of Soul

Have you ever had a premonition or insight into something that might be coming into your life? There are many stories of people through the ages that have had these types of experiences. Abraham Lincoln and Alexander the Great were two of these people. Even Jesus knew of his impending sacrifice at Cavalry (Golgotha) and the future actions of his disciples. How do we gain access to these insights?

In my religion, Eckankar, we simply do spiritual exercises daily. Spiritual exercises are a little different than meditation. Instead of meditating or waiting for something to come, we contemplate. We contemplate by actively pursuing something, be it an answer, to visit a place, or learn something new. All our efforts are guided by a spiritual guide we call the Mahanta.

This practice of going consciously and actively within is not reserved for those of us in Eckankar. You can experience this as well, regardless of your religious path. Simply pay attention and listen when you pray, meditate, or perform any other religious practice specific to your path. It is that simple.

We sing a word called “HU”. It is literally pronounced HUUUUUUUU. We sing this a few times and then just sit and listen. Typically, a spiritual exercise lasts no longer than 15-20 minutes. Sometimes you will see a light or hear a sound. There are all types of colors and sounds that are available to you. These sounds and colors or scenes are simply what we call the “Light and Sound of God”. The HU is for everyone. Whether you are Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, or Christian. The HU will augment your religious practices.

There is no better person to explain this in a more detailed way than the current Mahanta, The Living Eck Master, Sri Harold Klemp. Here is a brief explanation of how the HU can help you if you would like to give it a try:

Well, it has been a great week! My nephew visited for a few days this week and it was great to see him and hang out. He got me and my Dad hooked on “Hell on Wheels” on Netflix. He left today to enjoy the rest of his summer break from college.

I hope all of you have a relaxing weekend.

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