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“The secret to getting rid of fear is opening the heart.”—Harold Klemp
The Language of Soul

Love and fear cannot exist within the same space. It is really this simple. What is fear? Fear is “an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger” https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fear

There are times when fear can be your best ally. When you are in true danger of injury or being hurt, fear can help you become your most creative self. At other times fear can be your worst enemy. The fear of approaching someone about something they did that hurt your feelings or made you feel uncomfortable, the fear of standing up for yourself, the fear of making a public speech or presentation, are all examples of fear at its worst.

There are some of us that believe that our physical bodies are not really us. Soul is us. You are Soul. Soul is infinite. If you can truly believe this truism, fear falls to the wayside. How can anyone be fearful of death if it is no longer an issue? I know for some of you, this is a hard concept to grasp. The ego or “little self” is a hard thing to contend with.

Now does that make fear really go away? No. The concept of Soul is truth, but the human mind, the ego, will get in the way. One must slowly focus their efforts to realize that Soul is who they are and not the ego. Soul, being a spark of God, is nothing more than love personified. Love is everything and all-powerful. Love builds, love binds, love gives life. God loves. That is God’s nature.

If one can rise above the emotional states (like fear, anger, greed, lust, and undo attachment), the only thing remaining is love. There is nothing else. This is why love and fear cannot exist in the same space. Love is above fear and anger. Love is.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Wisdom Wednesday. Have a terrific week.

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