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Writing and Music

I have been noticing that when I have certain types of music playing on my phone or computer, my writing is affected. I’m listening to some calming music now on my computer and it brings up so much gratitude for this life. The music has an effect.

I often wonder about the various tools and things I can use to create. I think I’ve hit on something here. Soft music spurs gratitude, heavy metal spurs aggression (I use this in the gym), techno spurs hypnotic feelings to make the cardio go easier, and other types of music like ‘80s rock make me feel the hero in me.

I wanted to explore this here, because I think other writers may have found the same thing. These outside sounds contribute to our mood and allow us to tap that part of us that the music seems to highlight. If I want to write something sad—something that pulls at my reader’s heart—I can listen to love songs that are about loss. If I want to write about something that is aggressive—perhaps an action scene, I’ll fire up the rock. If I want to write about melancholy or get my readers to feel the depression the character is feeling I can find music that pulls that feeling from my deepest core.

Now, that I’ve discovered this one facet of my writing I want to experience with imagery. I have not used this technique before but will experiment with it and give you my thoughts. I often write here when I am prompted to. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I enjoy the freedom my blog gives me and enjoy the feedback from my readers.

If any of you are writers, what techniques or tools do you use to reach that place you need to reach to really reach your readers? Feel free to drop me a note if you know of any books, articles, or even your own processes to contact that inner muse when you write. I’d be very interested to learn from you.

Happy Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. My Mom and my wife are both terrific mothers. I see the love in their eyes when they talk about us to others or when they interact with us. My Mom is the most giving person I know.

My wife has been a single Mom most of her life. When I came along, one of her daughters was in college, while the other two were still in high school. The tales she told about the sacrifices and suffering she went through to make sure her daughters were safe, had something to eat when she didn’t, and all the rest is a testament to what being a Mom is all about. Moms do not leave. Moms do not quit. Moms are always there. When everything falls apart, Mom is there to pick up the pieces and find something to make you feel better.

I love my Mom. I love my wife. They are two women that have more strength, endurance, and compassion than anyone else I know.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s out there. You truly make the world a better place.

Until next time…