Reflection Journal

One journal that I keep is my daily reflection journal. This is the place I free write at night to go over the issues of the day, what happened, what challenges I am facing, and all the rest. It really is just an exercise to empty my head before I go to bed.

I write about things that made me happy. I write about things that occurred. I try to capture the key events of the day and discuss them with myself. It is one other thing you can journal about. Some may say this is a diary, but I like giving it a separate title because I do so many different things in my journals.

I know some of you are probably saying to yourself, “How many journals can one person have?” I would answer as many or as few as you need. I personally enjoy the “clearing of the head” in the morning and in the evening when I go to bed. I also like to explore topics that have hit me a certain way during the day and either cause me to want to learn more or at least capture my understanding of it.

Have you ever had a night where you couldn’t sleep because there was something weighing heavily on your mind? One thing I’ve found is that when I journal at night, much of my insomnia caused by an over-active mind has disappeared. I think this is because my mind knows I am recording the things that matter to me most in a trusted source. I think this has a huge effect.

I literally have no format for this part of my journal called “daily reflection”. It is just a time I take every evening to do a literal “brain dump”. I record everything that comes to mind. It is a good way to capture things that I may want to do now or in the future, how I am feeling about certain events of the day, and even my reactions to a book I’m reading. The freedom this entry in my journal affords is very liberating.

If this seems like a good addition to your journal, use it. I have found it to be very beneficial.

Until next week!