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Today was lower-back and abdominal day. I’m enjoying the one body part workouts. The simplicity is awesome. Here’s the workout.

  • Hip adductor machine
  • Hip abductor machine
  • Lower back machine
  • Ab crunch machine
  • Ab-x machine
  • Cable Oblique Crunches

Today, I mixed it up a bit. I did half-pyramids on the hip work, starting light and working to heavy, with each set for 8-12 reps. Lower back I did a full pyramid starting light working all the way up to heavy and then back down to starting weight (no rest between sets, other than to move the pin). The abs I did half-pyramids on the machine and the Ab-x machine 4 sets of 12. My Oblique work was a half-pyramid light to heavy.

If you are one that likes more variety in your workout routines, feel free to use any of my daily routines and combining them together. My plan this year is to continue this one body part a day routine for another month or so. Then, to increase intensity, I’ll move to an upper body/lower body/cardio split, hitting the whole body twice a week and getting in 3 cardio sessions of 20+ minutes each.

See you tomorrow!