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Hello there!!

Today was another weightlifting day. Again, the same as the previous three days. 20 reps for each body part. You could even call what I’m doing a circuit. I start with legs, move to chest, back, shoulders, arms, abdomen, and calves. The only rest I give myself is the time it takes to move from one machine to the next. This is all about my plan on getting used to going to the gym and getting some consistent exercise.

Consistency is really the key to achieving results in the gym. You have to keep going and keep executing your workouts to get any benefit. Sporadic lifting or doing a day here or a day there can actually be more harmful than helpful to your physique.

Some days your workouts will be awesome; on other days they will absolutely suck. The workouts that suck are mostly caused by a lack of focus or motivation. It’s hard work and sometimes we just don’t want to go. But, if you go and knock out the workout consistently, your good workouts will outweigh the bad ones. You’ll slowly build the habit of consistent exercise, build up your self-esteem, and help your body adapt to the stressors you put it through.

If you don’t feel like going to the gym–go. If you’re too tired to go to the gym–go. If you’re bored of your workout routine–go. You get the point. The key is to show up and get it done. The more you go, the more results you’ll see, and the more you’ll want to go. It is a self-supporting cycle of improvement that will take place for you. You just have to go do it.

See you tomorrow!